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The name solely emblems our strength and passion towards precise and fine craftsmanship. It is among the top priority to produce high detailing quality products for our customers. We also appreciate fine work in any other craftsmanship and welcome other entrepreneurs to collaborate with us.
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About Us
Infine Design Studio PLT is a young and dynamic interior and furniture design studio based in Bandar Bukit Puchong incorporated in 2013. The studio is a multidisciplinary practice with a diverse portfolio of urban projects that each carries our hallmark of creativity, innovation and experimentation. In our interior designs, we create dynamic, sometimes unconventional and unexpected, proposals that allow the building to reflect its own personality, while staying true to its core function. In our furniture design and interior design, we like to play with materials and new configurations, leading to ideas that offer a constantly changing perspective. The work we do in one discipline can and does influence the work we do in others.
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Fairuz Jalil
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Jan 2016

I hired INFINE DESIGN for my kitchen cabinet. they provide me a few proposal/design. i love the work they are very details and precise with their work. they also very flexible with the design...Read More

Inamra Carerra
Relationship: ClientProject Date: Jan 2016

Great communication and good workman ship. Highly recommended. I had a floating console table fitted with mirrors and a floating bedroom desk custom made. Satisfied with the final product. Thank you.Read More

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